Investing in education means worrying about tomorrow

Why give?

Dear Donor (Mr.),
Dear Donor (Mrs.),
With your generosity and our patience
We will build the future of this childhood
We are committed with a clear conscience
To sow human values
Those of sharing, respect and tolerance
Your contribution is of great importance
So that our school can improve its performance.
The team of the school of La Synergie

Official Donation Receipt

Did you know that for every donation of $25 or more, the School of Synergy issues a tax receipt for charitable donations that entitles you to a tax credit?
The receipt is usually sent within 1-3 weeks after collection.
The non-profit organization registration number of the School of Synergy
is 107615825RR0001

Where does your donation go?

The main objectives of the donations are as follows:

  • Funding the construction of a new school;
  • Fund projects to improve the various services offered to students;
  • To provide assistance to parents who encounter certain one-off financial difficulties by providing scholarships for tuition fees.