School of Synergy

Three Schools, One Mission

Instruct, Socialize, and Qualify.

Our school’s mission is to meet the pedagogical and educational needs of each student. The School of Synergy is committed to ensuring that students have a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual balance. Its purpose is to train citizens of the world in a framework where Muslim values, Quebec’s moral and social values, international sensitivity, intercultural respect, and rigorous evaluation coexist.


To support children in their first steps in school and contribute to their personal and social development.

Elementary School

A superior quality education where our students progress while respecting values such as benevolence and respect for differences as a whole.

High School

Promote the academic success of each student and ensure his or her intention in society while insisting on Muslim values and the civic values of Quebec.

Our Story

Almost 40 years of transmission of know-how and interpersonal skills

The creation of the first Muslim school in Quebec was intended to provide children with a quality academic education in an environment that fosters self-discovery, integration into Canadian society and the preservation of the community’s cultural, linguistic and religious heritage.

In 1985, under the name of the Muslim Schools of Montreal (MSM), the school opened its doors with only 25 students in preschool and first grade. In 1989, the MEQ granted MSMs accreditation for the purposes of preschool and elementary school grants.

From 1990 onwards, the school continued to develop and obtained the required permit to open general high school education classes on the same site as the elementary school.

In 1996, in response to the MEQ’s request, the school acquired a new building to house high school classes.

The MSMs are members of the Fédération des établissements d’enseignement privé (FÉEP), an association that brings together almost all private institutions in Quebec that teach in French. Membership in the FÉEP allows it to evaluate the quality of services and to establish enriching links with the best Francophone private institutions.

In March 2020, following the results of surveys with various stakeholders, the Board of Directors approved the change of the commercial name of the MSMs by the School of Synergy.

Impact of your donations

The main objectives of the donations are as follows:

  • Funding the construction of a new school;
  • Fund projects to improve the various services offered to students;
  • To provide assistance to parents who encounter certain one-off financial difficulties by providing scholarships for tuition fees.

The main sources of income are personal donations from parents and alumni, corporate donations and various annual fundraising activities. Your donations are tax deductible.

Dedicated staff

Zoubida Laayoun

Artificial Intelligence Teacher

Zoubaier Loghmani

Arabic Teacher

Soumia Ain Sebaa

Class Teacher for 4th Grade

Soukaina El Idrissi

French & Science Teacher

Sihem Driss

Mathematics and Science Teacher

Safia Ouhab

3rd year holder

Rania Guemari

Preschool Teacher for 5 years old A

Rajaa Naimi

Teacher of Arabic and Quran

Ouiza Benhamdane

Class Teacher for 2nd Grade A

Mouhsine El Aissaoui

English Teacher

Mouelhi Khaoula

English Teacher

Mohamed Rhzaouni

Teacher of Arabic and Quran

Maryem Ammar

Class Teacher for 1st Grade A

Khelidja Ait Ouali

IEP Coordinator

Khadija Nakhli

Student Supervisor

Josée Rioux

Class Teacher for 6th Grade

Itab Yassine

Science Teacher

Hedi Khabir

Managing director

Hana Zayani

Holder 2nd year B

Hakim Ouakar

Teacher of Arabic, Qur’an and Art and Multimedia

Ghislane Fahmi

Assistant Principal – Preschool and Elementary

Farah Cadet

Class Teacher for 5th Grade

Driss Essaki

Pedagogical Advisor & Mathematics Teacher

Ara Khan

Assistant Principal – High School

Amal Touhami

History and Geography Teacher

Abir Ben Mohamed

Preschool Teacher for 5 years old B

Our Vision

Our school, which is of the Muslim faith, aims to become an inclusive school offering a healthy human environment that respects the needs of people and their conditions, both in terms of the school’s staff and the students who attend it, in a lasting and direct link with the civil and moral values of our Quebec and Canadian society.

A word from the director

Welcome to our home!

The School of Synergy is a private school that welcomes children from preschool 4 years old to grade 5 at high school. We are particularly proud and happy to invite you to visit our website to find out who we are and what sets us apart from other schools in Quebec.

Language learning (French, English and Arabic) is a priority in our educational project. Thanks to a committed team and the active participation of parents, the trilingual school works hard to develop in our students a strong sense of belonging to the Islamic culture and to achieve excellent academic performance. We prepare our students to be productive citizens who empathize with and respect others in an increasingly diverse global community.

Thus, character development is a shared commitment and a family-school alliance is paramount to accomplishing our mission. Quality education is not only intellectually focused, but also on attitudes, behaviour and consideration for others. To this end, we train our students in all intellectual, social, physical, cultural, moral and spiritual aspects.

Thank you and enjoy your visit!

Hedi Khabir
Managing director

School of Synergy

Working together for everyone’s success

To move forward, we must remain united;
That’s what life has taught us.
Take care of yourself without forgetting others. ;
Think positive and erase what is harmful.
Together, we are ready to take on any challenge,
Let us build a future that will be filled with dreams and love.
In our school, School of Synergy
We build the future and we live the present.

Our motto

Support and assist everyone to progress
Yield your whole heart in every task
Never give up, keep pushing through
Engage and excel as a team, it’s true
Remain attentive, self-confident be
Grow and carve your own unique spree
Innovate, cooperate, faith in heart
Envision the best for others, play your part

Why Choose Us

  • Trilingual Education
  • Family environment
  • A learning organization
  • A humanistic approach
  • Islamic Culture
  • Healthy & Active Living
  • Shared leadership
  • Technological Skills
  • The 1st Muslim school in Quebec that has been serving the community for 37 years


Support our educational mission by making a donation. Your contribution helps enrich programs, support students, and strengthen our community. Every donation counts and makes a difference.

Open House

Open houses are usually held every Wednesday from 10:30 a.m. to noon, in anticipation of registration for the following school year. Please contact us for full details!