Working together for everyone’s success

The School of Synergy allows French-speaking children in preschool, elementary school, and high school to evolve in the context of English and Arabic immersion. Our brand new school offers a high-quality education based on language learning by valuing in students respect for oneself and others, self-esteem and a concern for a job well done.


To support children in their first steps in school and contribute to their personal and social development.

Elementary School

A superior quality education where our students progress while respecting values such as benevolence and respect for differences as a whole.

High School

Promote the academic success of each student and ensure his or her intention in society while insisting on Muslim values and the civic values of Quebec.

A guarantee of success and a future

The living environment of the School of Synergy, with its qualified staff, invites students to surpass themselves, to open up to the world, in a healthy and harmonious environment.
In short, the School of Synergy offers its students the following:

  • A French program (native language)
  • An English program (second language)
  • Learning Arabic as a second language
  • Enriched teaching totalling 30 hours per week
  • Morning, noon and evening childcare
  • A safe and family-friendly environment
  • Teachers who are competent, dedicated, and focused on student success

Come and see what drives us and you will easily understand!

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Our Values

In an environment where everyone’s efforts must be devoted essentially to the quest for knowledge and the development of skills that will make them an enlightened and useful citizen, students are called upon to draw inspiration from each of these values, which will be actualized through the different orientations of the educational project.

Respect is a paramount value in an educational environment. Thus, the student must, by means of several small daily gestures, show respect for everyone, both adults and peers, and have a high concern for his environment.

Students are called upon to evolve in a constantly changing mode and as a result, the school will teach them to be involved in their learning and to develop their skills in order to become an engaged and autonomous adult. It is also the ability to manage one’s needs, desires, time and activities and thus demonstrate self-discipline. Students take action and take pride in doing so.

Self-esteem is a term for the judgment or evaluation made of an individual in relation to his or her own worth. When an individual does something they think is worthwhile, they feel valued, and when they evaluate their actions as being in opposition to their values, they respond by “lowering their self-esteem.”

Creativity is the ability to solve problems by adapting known or new solutions while having the power to explore differently what will be in a future perspective.

Excellence refers to a high degree of achievement or superior results. Student excellence refers to one who stands out in a remarkable way compared to other students to whom he or she can be compared.






I want to thank you for all the efforts you have made for the learning and education of our children.

Madame Rajaa

At the School of Synergy, our children are in good hands.

Madame Sara

A sincere thank you to all my elementary school teachers.



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Open House

Open houses are usually held every Wednesday from 10:30 a.m. to noon, in anticipation of registration for the following school year. Please contact us for full details!

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